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Erpizo are industry veterans, people who understand the business problems you encounter every day 
and how to solve them. You can leverage our industry knowledge and years of experience through the following services.

Fractional Chief

Information Officer

Visionary operational and technological leadership that fits your budget. We'll quickly get up to speed and hit the ground running. Meeting the people that make your company grow and enabling them to be more productive and happier in the workplace is what drives us. Tesserae will work with management to address pain points and unleash the shackles that hold back growth. Every Client is treated with the highest level of dedication. 

Private Equity Pre-and Post-Sale Boot Camp

Business process and operational analysis focused on increasing your equity valuation for your shareholders, or for exploring a sale to private equity prior to engaging with investment bankers. We have first-hand experience growing a company, navigating through M&A due diligence, and successfully selling at a high EBITDA multiple. Learn what you need to maximize your return and avoid pitfalls.  

Enterprise Resource 

Planning - ERP

ERP is the core of your business; the hub which all the spokes of your operation merge with. Operational efficiency increases profit margins and attractiveness to potential buyers. We will take a comprehensive look, applaud your achievements, and show you clear solutions to fix your pain points. We'll seek to improve every functionality of your ERP if it's possible with a sharp eye toward cost reduction.

Logistics and Distribution


Increase profit and cut costs by digitally transforming your logistics and distribution capabilities. Integration allows quicker time to deliver, clarity on the chain of custody, real-time tracking, and improved service levels. Firms of any size can now integrate directly with freight carriers and other modals to cut costs, improve margins, and capture increased revenue. 

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

CRM is critical and how it interacts with the rest of the organization can make or break your revenue. The right CRM solution, regardless of product, must fit your unique business processes and the needs of the sales team. The key to the successful integration of a CRM is including it as part of a holistic enterprise-wide approach and planning methodology. We engage with Sales and Management to create solutions that enable Salespeople to achieve their greatest potential while avoiding costly applications that do not impact positively impact profits.